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Lens mount prototype for SPC900

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6:26 pm Amateur telescope making projects, Interferometry

SPC900 with lensmount

SPC900 with lensmount

I made a prototype of a lens mount for the SPC 900 Philips WebCam. This WebCam has been modified by replacing the original CCD chip with a ICX0098BL chip. It is supposed to be used for interferometry and will replace my previous WebCam.

The lens mount has been turned on my lathe from black Delrin and supposedly fits a 9 mm/21 mm lens from surplus shed. However, it turns out the lens is not what it’s supposed to be and the lens mount has to be modified to reach focus because focal length is shorter than specified.

Machining of the mount has been done in two parts by using an adapter jig with a M12/0.5mm thread to turn the second side.



This is third time that I heard from list member that SurpluShed lens focal length
is not what was expected (ordered, specified).
That implies that lens adapter made for supposed lens should be modified to enable focusing
with actual lens. What is involved in such modification? Can it be done without lathe?
If not perhaps it will be better if I send you my lens before you made an adapter
so that fitting can be done in situ.
What do you think?


Posted by Vladimir, on May 2nd, 2011, at 20:53. #.


I think the easiest would be if you check the focal length of the lenses once they arrive at your home. I will then make the lens mount accordingly.
Theoretically you could deepen the holes on a drill press, but it won’t be the same as doing it on the lathe.



Posted by bewpblog, on May 2nd, 2011, at 22:28. #.

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