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  • April
  • 17

11:02 pm General

I decided to bring my new site online despite not having finished all features I had planned to implement. But time restraints will not allow me to do much work on it in the foreseeable future, so it is “better now than never” and I will finish sections little by little, as I find time for it.

Features still missing are:

  • Link section has to be completed
  • Astrophotography section is not up to date
  • 3D CAD plans for several projects including interferometer, startest scope, Lathe conversion etc.
  • Detailed mirror test data.
  • Webcam conversion for high resolution interferometry and astrophotography
  • and more ….

I hope to be able to add most of this over the next few months. If you have suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.


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