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Lens mount prototype for SPC900

  • May
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SPC900 with lensmount

SPC900 with lensmount

I made a prototype of a lens mount for the SPC 900 Philips WebCam. This WebCam has been modified by replacing the original CCD chip with a ICX0098BL chip. It is supposed to be used for interferometry and will replace my previous WebCam.

The lens mount has been turned on my lathe from black Delrin and supposedly fits a 9 mm/21 mm lens from surplus shed. However, it turns out the lens is not what it’s supposed to be and the lens mount has to be modified to reach focus because focal length is shorter than specified.

Machining of the mount has been done in two parts by using an adapter jig with a M12/0.5mm thread to turn the second side.

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New website

  • April
  • 17

I decided to bring my new site online despite not having finished all features I had planned to implement. But time restraints will not allow me to do much work on it in the foreseeable future, so it is “better now than never” and I will finish sections little by little, as I find time for it.

Features still missing are:

  • Link section has to be completed
  • Astrophotography section is not up to date
  • 3D CAD plans for several projects including interferometer, startest scope, Lathe conversion etc.
  • Detailed mirror test data.
  • Webcam conversion for high resolution interferometry and astrophotography
  • and more ….

I hope to be able to add most of this over the next few months. If you have suggestions, I’ll be happy to hear them.


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